Fallen Tree Art  Studio/ Gallery is a working studio as well as an exhibition space that shows works from the studio artists and guest artists.  Visitors can therefore meet the artist working and also the work being done at the time.  The studio’s approach is simple and straightforward, with a clear focus on exploring the process of making images and the wish to share this process with others.  The artists involved with the studio are enjoying experimenting with different mediums, approaches and their many possible outcomes.

The studio/ gallery is located at Russell Nursery and entered by following any of the paths through the display garden.

What you can expect:

  • A working studio with an artist on site.
  • The studios focus is mainly on abstract work.
  • Exhibiting artwork changes monthly  – whether it be the work from the studio’s artists or a guest artist.   The studio has a very casual atmosphere and we welcome your questions and comments.  Hope you will visit us soon.

Where the name of the studio comes from:

The name comes from an enormous Douglas Fir tree that came down on the property during a storm in December 2009. It was milled in January 2010 and this stately tree lives on, having provided most of the structural wood for the building as well as all the siding, flooring and trim. It provided the impetus to build this wonderful small studio space at the nursery.